Volta Ceilings


We're big exponents of the works of established artisans and craftspeople. So when we were commissioned to create a new brand that melded historic designs with modern interiors, we accepted the challenge. It was a challenge, too, as this wasn't simply a website design, it was a global launch with a ticking 3-month immovable deadline. Luckily, we work well under pressure.



Volta, Latin for 'vaulted', are true artisans who hand-paint stunning ceilings using time-honoured techniques. We set about creating full brand architecture starting with a logo and monogram that reflect the idea of directing the eye to look above. 



Visually communicating the sheer scale and artistry of Volta hand-painted ceilings required equally talented professionals. We commissioned an internationally acclaimed photographer and an award-winning film crew to convey the incredible details and premium quality of their creations.



Bespoke hand-painted ceilings deserve more than an off-the-shelf website design. We created a bespoke solution. One that gives empathy to the historical art-form of hand-painted ceilings. One that transfers the unique skills and capabilities of the Volta brand into a digital environment.


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The new Volta brand was launched at Decorex 2015 International - Britain’s prestigious luxury design fair. Our team designed and developed an industry first, creating a fullly immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Marrying a traditional artform with a reemerging modern interior trend, it stunned visiting interior designers.



The Volta exhibition stand was the talk of the show with interiors press journalists flocking to the stand and giving interviews to our film crew. The president of the BIID, celebrities, diplomats and more than 1,500 visitors were fully immersed in a four minute digital VR Volta experience. That's over 100 hours of quality undivided brand attention.