The Washroom Solution: Dyson & Avante

Dyson. CDUK. Two industry innovators that united for a collaborative new product project. We were invited to formulate strategic planning and create press, digital display and social advertising, brochure design, photography, website design, eDM, exhibition stand and corporate video. A comprehensive integrated launch campaign.



The project combined the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer with CDUK Avante basins in Corian. The challenge was to identify then deliver a core proposition and create personas. With this, we produced a highly effective creative advertising and media campaign spanning online and offline.



What was clearly needed was a single-minded advertising campaign. One that allowed these two innovative brands to deliver a combined proposition and highlight the key benefits. We created the brand: The Washroom Solution.



One of the main drivers behind The Washroom Solution was to create and build a stylish, yet highly effective, lead-generation website design. Visitors are encouraged to request an 80-page lifestyle and technical brochure.


Visit The Washroom Solution Website



Agency Forty is pro-collaboration. We really enjoyed working alongside the advertising and marketing teams at Dyson, CDUK and Corian. In fact, we are adamant that this approach really helped us to create such an effective media plan targeting UK specifiers. The campaign was fully integrated and combined press advertising, digital banners and social media.



The result of this collaborative campaign? Both companies benefited with in excess of 7,000 unique visitors since launch in October 2016 resulting in over 200 qualified trade enquiries. So successful was the website design and advertising campaign, it was extended into 2017 with further investment.